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Black Hole

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im new here so if this isnt the right forum for this thread please tell me.



What is space on the grand scale?

space on the grand scale is known as that which holds the universe and sequentially the galaxy, the solar system,, the planet, the molecule, the atom, the proton, the quark, and so on and so forth.


What is the one thing they all have in common?

that one thing is they are all substantially empty and so can be compacted infinitely, and at the same time retain mass, (and at the reference point of that which is compacted) size, distance, and collinearity, betweenness and angle measure (by the laws of geometry)


therefor with those assumptions if we observe the black hole with its phenomenal mass in an infinitely small space. could it not then be assumed that its a black hole is a universe or rather the inverse of a universe.

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we do not know what the internals of a blackhole are like so you cannot assume that it is compressed to an infinitely small space.


and elementary particles are treated as point particles when the are observed as particles, the rest of the time they are treated like waves.


i also don't see how you jump from spread out matter being the universe and condensed matter being the inverse. the universe is everything.including the blackholes and thats by definition.

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i was just waitin for some jerk to say something like that...i knew it was coming... thanks simcard


the extent of my knowledge in astronomy comes from discovery, science, and national geographic channel, and about 25 DVDs i rented on various subjects, and 1 semester of astronomy which the teacher was a retard.... , i dont read into every theory coming out... me and a freind often debated the universe and its various workings, and i came up with an idea of a universe that is born, then as more n more blackholes form it just slowly gets eaten until it becomes an endless void, then while typing this idea to som1 recently i altered it in my head because i had just finished reading a chapter from Michio Kakus " Parallel Worlds" (im 3 chapters in)... he said that parallel universes could be forming all the time, and i thought , where could they come from, well blackholes could be forming all the time also in the vastness of the universe, im sure many many stars are collapsing at any given time. SO i basically morphed my old idea into something new, posted it, and found out im no the only 1 to think it..... SO no i didnt copy any1.... thanks for being arrogant tho.

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OH i just read my private messages, this is from SimCard:


" d1c4 head.



do u try to eb stupid or do were you born like it? "


real mature loser


lol and he calls me stupid, read part of his sentence : "or do were you born".... whose stupid?

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hey, can we try and keep this clean and science based, I pretty sure this section of the forum is based around physics, I think "d1c4 head" belongs in the biology forum, you never know, if your lucky, you might have a paper written on you, regarding this phenomenon....

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