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Prefer the portal page or the forum page?


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Just out of curiosity, how many of you just bookmark the forum url (scienceforums.net/forum) instead of going to the main page first? I used to prefer the main page, but I'm beginning to jump right into the forums instead. That's where I end up anyways.

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i type it in, so it depends if i hit down arrow once or twice. i find that if i go to the front page i have a reasonable chance of actually looking at some science threads, where as if i go to the forum i usually just hit up general chat.


makes it easier to spot thread that interest me.

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I have the forums page bookmarked. I use the New Posts (Last 12 Hours) link in the morning, then I keep checking Last 6 Hours throughout the day.

i havent been here in AGES. You prob dont remember me :( Where is faf.
Faf sleeps with the chordata.
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