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Concentration of Solutions


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does anyone know how to find the concentration of solutions when your given two volumes and two Molalities. like 200 mL of a .3Msolution of HNO3 and 500mL of a .4M solution of HNO3 are mixed together. what is the concentration of the resulting solution. im so lost:-(

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First you work out how many moles of HNO3 are in each solution (remember, molality is moles/kilogram, and water has a density of 1). Then you add up the volumes and the number of moles of HNO3, and you can calculate the new molality.


So, in your example:

200mL of .3M HNO3: [math]0.3 = \frac{x}{0.200}[/math]

Solving for x gives you the number of moles of HNO3 in that sample. Do the same with the other sample, add them up, and calculate the new molality.

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