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long term storage of NaOH stocks...


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We have been having issues storing 200L-600L of our stock NaOH solutions. We originally had them in (VLDPE) very low density polyethylene bags with silicone tubing built into them. We started seeing white flocs and determined that it was from the tubing manifolds. Now we are currently making 0.1M, 0.5M and 1.0M lots in increments of 300L dispensed into 50L (EVA) ethylene vinyl acetate bags with C-flex tubing and we have started to see the same issues. I am wondering if anyone has any imput on long term storage of NaOH's that doesn't include keeping it in stainless steel tanks???

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don`t use Glass as it will attack that slowly over time, and avoid all possible contact with air as it will convert it to sodium Carbonate soln and ruin it.

I would keep them in the original bags, but get onto your supplier about this issue and either have them replaced or get an explaination as to what it is.

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