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  • 1 year later...
[01:17] <pawelkolasa> see, mooey is simply insecure about her beliefs.

[01:17] <dragonstar> ok I think you should study evoluition

[01:17] <pawelkolasa> so she wants to stay "safe" by sticking to what she considers "safe".

[01:17] <pawelkolasa> which is what MEDIA tell her.

[01:18] <dragonstar> your arguements are almost all strawmen and it makes you look stupid

[01:18] <pawelkolasa> I DID study evolution.

[01:18] <dragonstar> BULSHIT

[01:18] <pawelkolasa> and even with very mild studying it falls apart.

[01:18] <pawelkolasa> :(

[01:18] <pawelkolasa> it relies on "intellectual intimidation"

[01:18] <dragonstar> no one who knows what the theory of evoluition claims would say it claims everything created themselves

[01:19] <pawelkolasa> it threatens people with ridicule.

[01:19] <dragonstar> scientists don't give a damn about ridicule

[01:19] <pawelkolasa> not one thing in the universe created "itself".

[01:19] <pawelkolasa> We don't oberse "self-creation".

[01:19] <dragonstar> evoluition does not claim that though

[01:19] <pawelkolasa> evolutionists are NOT scientists.

[01:20] <pawelkolasa> because evolution is about making 'STATEMENTS'.

[01:20] <pawelkolasa> It's not about PROVING them.

[01:20] <dragonstar> look I have studied evoluition and their is a lot of evidense

[01:20] <pawelkolasa> and it assures that "everybody" believes it, when stats say that 70% of people believe in God.

[01:20] <pawelkolasa> it's the satanic media, that pretends that evolution is 'scientific'

[01:21] <dragonstar> it is

[01:21] <pawelkolasa> and people who don't do their research believe it.

[01:21] <dragonstar> you can not begin to understand how much free time I have

[01:21] <pawelkolasa> why are wasps not mixing with bees?

[01:21] <pawelkolasa> can you mix them?

[01:21] <dragonstar> because they are incompatable

[01:22] <pawelkolasa> ?

[01:22] <dragonstar> genetics?

[01:22] <pawelkolasa> why are they not compatible?

[01:22] <pawelkolasa> you mean? it's impossible to mix them?

[01:22] <dragonstar> I belive so

[01:22] <pawelkolasa> you mean, they multiply "according to their kind" as Bible says?

[01:23] <dragonstar> idk

[01:23] <dragonstar> I'm a highschooler and don't know everything about every species

[01:23] <dragonstar> but I do know that evoluition has been observed

[01:24] <pawelkolasa> what you said NOW, shows that you progressed :)

[01:24] <pawelkolasa> welcome

[01:24] <pawelkolasa> this is break through :)

[01:24] <pawelkolasa> it's like, now you "decided" in your mind to examine the issue.

[01:25] <dragonstar> yeah your strawmen have convinsed me

[01:25] <pawelkolasa> Evil prays on brainwashing its victims that, they are "alone" and that nobody supports them.

[01:25] <pawelkolasa> that they can't trust their own mind.

[01:32] <dragonstar> define evoluition

[01:33] <pawelkolasa> Evolution means that everything is CONTINUALLY "evolving".

[01:33] <dragonstar> no

[01:33] <pawelkolasa> that means that, in your class there would be smart chimps sitting together with stupid humans.

[01:33] <dragonstar> the word cannot be used in its own definition

[01:33] <pawelkolasa> But there are only humans.

[01:34] <pawelkolasa> There is a great book. It's title is "Life- How did it get here? By evolution or by Creation?".

[01:34] <pawelkolasa> It contains only evidence.

[01:35] <dragonstar> evoluition is defined as "The process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms"

[01:35] <pawelkolasa> It's equivalent to 2 years of university and it's an easy read because, it's so compressed.

[01:35] <pawelkolasa> "developed and diversified" means evolved and that it's ongoing process.

[01:36] <pawelkolasa> Meaning that half-humans half monkeys MUST be around

[01:36] <dragonstar> no

[01:36] <pawelkolasa> So what happend to them?

[01:36] <pawelkolasa> they disappeared or they never existed?

[01:36] <dragonstar> lol

[01:36] <dragonstar> we did not come from apes

[01:36] <dragonstar> we share a comon ancestor with apes

[01:36] <pawelkolasa> If not, then from ?

[01:37] <pawelkolasa> that's NOT what Evolution claims.

[01:37] <pawelkolasa> It claims that we DID come from monkeys.

[01:37] <dragonstar> no it doens't

[01:37] <pawelkolasa> So your teacher simply lied, because he didn't want to be cornered.

[01:38] <pawelkolasa> that's the essence of lying: it changes its story.

[01:38] <pawelkolasa> The Bible doesn't change.

[01:38] <dragonstar> it didn't change its storry

[01:38] <dragonstar> that is what it always said

[01:38] <pawelkolasa> Nope.

[01:38] <dragonstar> w/e

[01:38] <pawelkolasa> It's all over the place, that evolution says that we come from monkeys.

[01:39] <pawelkolasa> and that before it was from the water.

[01:39] <pawelkolasa> Dr. David Berlinski says it nicely:

[01:39] <dragonstar> ok that does it

[01:39] <dragonstar> i'm done with this conversation

[01:39] <dragonstar> start a thread

[01:39] <pawelkolasa> to say that a cow came from a whale is like saying that a car came from SUBMARINE.


[13:35] <drgaonstar> what does mode/#sfn mean?

[13:36] <%Schroedingers_hat> the mode, on channel sfn has been set to +o for ecoli

[13:36] <%Schroedingers_hat> meaning he's an operator

[13:36] <@ecoli> mode +o

[13:36] <@ecoli> bitches

[13:39] <@ecoli> tremble before me peons

[13:40] <%Schroedingers_hat> idunwanna

[13:40] <@ecoli> its also my birthday today

[13:40] <%Schroedingers_hat> oh, alright

[13:40] <@ecoli> so you must

[13:40] <%Schroedingers_hat> for your birthday

[13:40] * Schroedingers_hat trembles

[13:41] <@ecoli> evidence: http://www.scienceforums.net/

[13:42] <@ecoli> scroll down to the bday section

[13:42] <@ecoli> muahhaha

[13:48] * drgaonstar can't remember how to tremble

[13:52] <@ecoli> ok you're off the hook then

[13:53] <drgaonstar> goes to irc quotes

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