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Chemistry Laboratory Materials


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I assume you want to do some home chemistry? What you can obtain strongly depends on the country you live in.


Glassware should not be a problem, just look around at eBay and search for items like 'beaker', 'erlenmeyer', 'test tubes' and plenty of stuff shows up. Usually the same sellers then also have more advanced glassware, like distilling setups, all kinds of more exotic flasks, etc. Always have the glassware sent with insurance. Sometimes the material arrives broken, especially for the larger items. If you just want some test tubes, small beakers and some erlenmeyers, then the risk of breaking is less severe. Keep in mind that in some USA states (IIRC Texas) glassware is forbidden without proper registration. Yes, this is really retarded, but it is true. So, before buying things, check out what legal implication the possession of glassware might have.


Finding chemicals can be anywhere from very simple to very difficult. If you are a starter, then getting started with basic chemicals is not hard at all. Hardware stores have acids like HCl, H2SO4 and stuff like NH3, NaOH, acetone, ligroin.

Metal salts can be obtained at ceramics stores, where they carry all kinds of glazing pigments. In this way, I received salts of Ni, Cu, Cr, Co, Mo, V, Fe, Zn. Ebay also is your friend with this, e.g. look at something like 'copper sulfate', 'nickel chloride', and you will find suitable sellers.

Finding the more dangerous chemicals (strong oxidizers, fine metal powders, certain organics) is much more difficult. Over the years, I have found sources for these, but if you are a starter, then I first would stick to the more basic materials.


Also have a read of my webpage on starting a home lab:



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In our lab we mostly use plastic beakers made out of polypropylene. They are disposable, reusable, cheaper, and quite durable.


If you look around online you'll be able to find some good analytical balances at online jewelry stores, diamond dealers, etc.

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