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stupid democracy and/or labour on teh intarwebz


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ok, i was going to winge about how little content the latest labour BBC party political broadcast has, and go off on a sarcastic tangent about democracy ideally having more (or indeed any) emphasis on what the party's actually going to be doing with the local constituencys, and why we should actually vote for labour, and less focus on what was basically an advert.


I mean, "irrelevent bollox BUY COKE" might be ok for products, but i'd preffer to not have my current govournment reduced to "irrelevent bollox VOTE LABOUR". there was absolutely not ONE single mention of any policies, and instead just a highly artificial bandying-about of the labour product name to raise market awareness.


Anyway, i'm not going to mention any of that, 'cos whilst looking for the party broadcast i found out that the labour party have their own youtube channel and thought that would be more interesting:


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I'd like to comment that tories don't seem to have any more policies tha labour (not that I'm decided on which is the better party but still).


Really tempted, after tony's enthusiatic message, to subscibe but they just haven't got the same inspiration to include 'hip' music like the tories...

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Actualy, i am gonna winge about labours attempts to disreguard the spirit of democracy.


This is the consrvative party political broadcast*



(labour one for refference http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=theuklabourparty)


now, it's still 'political', in that it's saying alot without saying much and is more about spin and image than honesty, but at least you can discern parts of their general philosophy/policy. easiest to spot:


they want to give more power over local matters to local communities

they're green

they dont like the nazis (BNP)

they think we should make amends, but not appologise, for our historic role in slavery



that's more than can be gleaned from the labour party political broadcast, which simply says 'we payed for an expensive advert'.


also: webcameron... wtf :rolleyes:



* for the non-brits: as an indipendant public service, the BBC is required to give equal air-time, running up to elections, to the main parties for 'BBC party political broadcasts for the blah party', which is what these clips are.

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