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laptop tracking


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i was reading some ways to protect my notebook from being stolen. i found this software called lo-jack for laptop. once installed it can be used to track back the laptop if stolen.

there are three ways it's tacked: ip-address, phone number *if dialup connection*, and a third way that's not shared with the public

according to the menufacturer, the software can survive a format of the harddrive and a fresh windows reinstall. my question is how does it do that:confused:

i thought windows reinstall would get rid of everything on the pc.

i'd just like to know how this software works if someone can help me understand it better.


here's the forbes review for the software: http://www.forbes.com/technology/2005/08/19/digilife-lojack-laotops-cx_daa_0819digilife.html

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Turns out the answer is in the article you linked to:


And, to make it even more invulnerable, most of the big laptop makers--IBM/Lenovo, Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Gateway--have just begun embedding a recovery chip on their system boards, so that even if the thief replaces the hard drive, the computer will still be able to make that SOS call.


I was right - it's a ROM chip. But it obviously won't work on older laptops that aren't fitted with recovery chips, only the disc-installed tracking software will work on those and that won't survive a format.


Good job they are publicising all the details so that crooks know which parts to remove.

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Hello, TheGeek:


While stealth software offers a recovery aspect, the best approach to laptop security is to first take all measures to PREVENT the theft in the first place.


These include:

--Permanent Property Identification with registry database.

--Lock laptop in a safe place when not in use.

--Don't leave it in your car--ever! Not even in the trunk.

--Develop a strong and enforceable laptop security policy at your organization--with serious consequences for those who don't comply.

--Treat your laptop as if it were your wallet or your purse.

--Treat the data on your laptop as if it were currency -- because it is! Encrypt, and Back Up.


Full disclosure: I am the director of customer relations at a laptop security firm that deters theft with a permanent identification system, patented stolen property tattoo beneath the marking plate, and web-based inventory management utility.


Hope these are helpful tips.


Best regards,

Doug Belfiore

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