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what to do after post grad in astrophysics?

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Flip burgers?


That would be "impart angular momentum to thermodynamically energized organic accretion discs." He has a degree in astrophysics, after all.

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I'm sorry, I just read the above post, ha ha ah anyway, I’m planning on a career In astrophysics, I'm gunna try the ESA they seem like a nice bunch. Try emailing them and asking them what positions they need, I’m pretty certain they'll be in need of someone with a degree...

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I did a summer studentship at CERN long long ago. At the time the programme was twinned with an ESA programme, so the identity card they gave me had the ESA logo on it.


All summer, when I met girls in bars, I used to tell them I was a trainee astronaut; they didn't believe me, but then I would show them my card, and they were mine... :)

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Great stroy Severian.


My girlfriend did not beleive I was involved in theoretical/mathematical physics. Not till I showed her my university card. But then it doesn't sound so cool as trainee astronaught!


In the past saying your involved in physics or maths does not inpress the ladies. Maybe next time I will say that I am trying to make a "flux capasitor" or something!

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