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Moon Colonization

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Astrobio.net is reporting that NASA is planning to make a long standing

presence on the moon in 2020.





Any take on the results?



Futuristic Science Fiction Novel

Moon Over Key Biscayne





Like nuclear energy for the most part I think the space age really was a figment to help achieve various objectives the U.S government in general supported during the cold war. I just don’t see any real moon colony coming to existence in terms of NASA’s doing until somehow the make the private sector want to get into it. The real cost of a real colonization of the moon to me at this point from what I understand would be rather high, and I don’t think the government or NASA could sell really the need to divert so much tax money to it, Not to mention simply the fact we are still working on launches and not that long ago that terrible incident which occurred on reentry. Though if the money was present and people were motivated, I could see it easily becoming a reality in time.

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