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Let's discuss putting things around you to good scientific use.


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In this forum every piece of apparatus, devices, glassware, etc. can be discussed. Properties of the equipment, ways to make special equipment from standard products, creative use of standard products in a special way, all this kind of things can be discussed here.


We do not appreciate threads with pointers to manufacturers of certain equipment, this is not meant to be a forum, filled with advertisements. There is no objection of mentioning a certain company, but it must be in the context of useful information about the device or apparatus being discussed.


We would really love to see creative ideas of how the functionality of hard to obtain devices can be mimicked with the help of easier and cheaper devices. That would be the true spirit of a thread in the amateur science forum.


The only guidelines for the equipment forum is that the equipment must be something, used in (amateur) science. Discussion about equipment, needed for certain sports, outdoor activities, parties, weapons, etc. are not at the right place in this forum. Discussion of illegal devices is not allowed and if dangerous devices are discussed, then explicitly mention the risks of making/using them.

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