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why males fight for sex? essay


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for the point that why did this behavior evolved, the point should be that as there should be variation of some tend to find for mate while others are a bit reluctant to do so. so in this condition, those who fight for mates would have a higher chance to pass thier genes, which contain those aid in the behavior for fighting for mates, on to the next generations. hence, from time to time, such behavior became more common in the population, that is, the behavior was evolved. that is, this behavior, as having an evolutionary advantage to the genes' possessor, hence it was evolved.

another point is that, the ability of fighting has somehow be evolved to be an indicator of the quality of the genes within, though some could take advantage from this indication, just like secondary sexual characters, so the winner of the fight would be attracted by more opposite sex mate, and hence thier chance of passing genes would be greater.

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There are plenty possible reasons for the tendency to fight surviving.

  • The ones who didn't fight, got fought at and died before they could reproduce.
  • The ones who did fight looked more attractive, and had the appearance of better hunters to potential mates.
  • The privilege of mating was reserved for the head of the pack/tribe (does anyone know the technical difference?) and one can easily get to top by keeping all the other males scared of you

That's off the top of my head, I bet a text book could come up with better answers.

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