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God it could be everything at once!


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From it's beginings pre the big bank when there was relevantic things possible not to rimember and space within the infantile universe was minor and time was irrelevant to our fast paced techno-evolutionar sphere of collective entangled and economically cannabolistic agenda! Like king's of the jungle eco-finacial feding frenzie! the economic prosperity will be marvled and praize in thousands of years to come as brilliance in the form of archetecture, science, monument law, aAND technological achevment in such a thousand long ago bygone era. Fantasti. What can you see of the future my colegues? whatever i a sure ma make heaps of posts with respect to that! ( when i say heeps i don't mean from `piles' lol!)


On anothere fporum phsorg i progressivly made a dill of myself with 84 posts there, However i repent ond pledge nit to make an alcho dill of something good.


Coming back to the subject i tend to suspect that whilst quantum entanglement may be an imediat predicamen on the invisible supposedly undivisible level, i think/believ that there are an infinit nuber of sub atomic levels as there may be cosmotic leves around our universe. I belive that whilst fairitale scriptures a for people of infentile IQ and to the philisophical delight of stary eyed children, a coscious design, be it initial or a trans time quantum super computer that can make a parable of the fairytales writen in cave for the sake of children and unashamed fools thinking worshing another individual smarter, (in terms of creative writing bullshit artistry!)


I trans time sum atomic comuter system, even if in Monetary/Deed/dead recording mode can exist trans time from alph to omega - Im not neccesarily sugesting that somthing as almighty a our religious breatheren perceve god to be , however live on eary may be for a Million y to Come and a computer of such trans time power wise envisioned in the mineds of youe holy skill.


Im not erribly religious, Easter and christas services are enough and i realy enjoy those two sermons evon though i cant se the 2000 year old principal retoric in modernt principals a life, however in confession the preist im sure would be a HeadMaster in unleashing me straight!lol


yours faitfully chris Rivers 04 331 911 05


love phone calls and working one the phone i have no fear to respond with 300wpm articulation, enter at own risk!


love you all people Pye!:)

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I tyoe as quickly as possible too!!!


--it's not that hard to read Mate!!1 - just look at your keybord and see where all the letters aare supposed to be !


...yeah... your on the enlightenment trip too! -- have you moved a cup yet?--or ya probably typed everyhting telkinetically?



PS... God can be proven... think harder!

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Actually, just wathcing the ABC, while on the PC....


If we (us, Humans) , don't make it...




the Cuttle Fish ,will ,, in ohhh 50K years, will be the top of the food chain species.


..ya never know, maybe the happenstance, of a cuttle fish soceity, brooding around an underwater camp fire may just spawn the next intellignece, if we don't survive 'the impact'.

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