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Chemestry experament withh.


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Using ammonium nitrate to show off endothermic properties is always fun (i.e. put a drop of water on a piece of wood, and then mix ammonium nitrate into a flask, put on top of the drop of water. It'll freeze, and you can freely lift up the block of wood).


Bismuth metal can be heated up and if cooled down slowly, you can form beautiful crystals (I'd do the heating in a crucible).


Zinc dust is a good reductor for many reactions.

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one fun water iniitiating reaction is such: mix 1.5 grams of ammonium chloride with 14 grams of ammonium nitrate. then add 34.5 grams of zinc (you could probably use a little less zinc and still have a good reaction) take the mixture outside or put it in a fume hood and drop several drops of water on the mixture and it will burst into green flames. I got the recipe from united nuclear. i'm not sure why it has a green flame because the only ions i know to make green are boron and maybe something else....

have fun

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