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Weird look at this.


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dosent everyone screw with statistics when you know what they are looking for? For example we had this national math exam in last year (gr 9) and people where using why are you asking me and dont you already know the answer, as answers.

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I feel compelled to say that sometimes. They use the stupidest questions.


2 meters from the center of a helicopter rotor blade, it is going 1800 meters per sec. How many mps 3.5 meters from the center?

I said, of course, it's going Mach 6, so there is no more rotor blade! It shattered!

That's me screwing with statistics.

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amoda said in post # :

does any1 know where to get other tests like these? They look pretty interesting.

there was something on a discovery show once similar to this. a guy was a "master" hypnotist-ish-type-thing. he brought like 6 random people into a room one at a time. he talked to them for a while about what he was going to ask them to do and why. then he asked them to pick a card out of 5 (the 5 mind reading cards... the square, triangle, star, wave, and plus sign). each person chose the star.


he said it was because he made a little triangle with his hands many times while he was talking to them as a subliminal message. he made it look like it was just his way of talking, he lightly tapped his fingers on the table every once in a while, at the "correct" times with the pointer fingers touching and the thumbs touching, making a triangle/diamond with his hands. just as any person might subconsciously do themselves as they are talking to someone.

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YT2095 said in post # :

well, after I managed to convince Satan to leave me alone after chanting 666 for a while. I thought of Potatoe.

the actual trick your trying to do should be based around the number 24 not 6 :)

the association then runs along 24, as in "carrat" gold.

nice try though :)


Speaking of carats, 1 carat = 10 g. I just found out.

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I like carrots so maybe that's why i said carrot. A mate used to jibe me calling me a carrot cos i was vegie, not a parsnip of broccoli!

maybe carrots are the most popular vegtable, they are cetainly one of the most snazzy looking vegtables about plus they are nice.

My dad said marrow, but thats a fruit so doen't count.

could it be because it has 6 letters?

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