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hey everyone i had a question about fungi. When dealing with warm vs cool environments, illumainated vs shadded environments and dry vs wet environments which one for each three gives the fungi a more cummulative richness. To say for each three, which gives a more rich community or environment.

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There are probably a million different species of fungi, and each will have different environmental optima. Thus, anything I say to answer your question is a broad generalisation and may not apply to one species.


Generally then :


Fungi like warmth, in the region of 20 to 30 C. Except thermophiles and psychrophiles.


Fungi prefer shade.


Fungi prefer damp conditions. But not so damp as to reduce oxygen availability.


Treat these generalisations with caution.

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illumainated vs shadded environments

Fungi do not photosynthesise so light levels don't directly effect them. However, as light can have other effects on their environment (and competing species), it can have an indirect effect.

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