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How many grams of CO2?


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I wish to find how how many grams of CO2 are needed to enrich a room to 1500ppm. I've tried to work it out but cannot figure it out completely.


The dimensions of the room are 2.9m*1.9m*0.9m which equals 4.959m cubed rounded off to 5 cubic meters.

Then to find how many cubic meters of CO2 are needed this is multiplied by 0.0015

5*0.0015 = 0.0075 cubic meters of CO2 needed.


At a temperature of 25C and pressure of 100kPa 1 mole of a gas will occupy 24.79L.


1 mole of CO2 has a mass of 44 grams.


.0075 (cubic meters) = 7.5 liters


24.79L/7.5L = 3.3053 grams of CO2 needed?


This cannot be correct and I must have gone wrong somewhere could someone help put me on the right track?

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the number of moles of CO2 in the room at 25 deg. C and approximately 1 bar - now multiply by the number of grams in a mole of CO2


By the way if you can't calculate something this simple I HOPE you aren't out there commenting on the effects of CO2 in the atmosphere ...

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MilesD - lay off it mate! Sometimes when theres lots of steps its a little confusing to do a calculation the first time. I remember I had all sorts of problems with moles calculations when I was studying A-level chemistry!


Perhaps it would be good to establish how many moles of gas there are in the room at first? I think this is what GutZ said too



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