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Alien Invasion of Earth


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How do you guys think we'll fare if aliens were to suddenly invade the Earth and take it over? It seems a little silly, but I know that it is not entirely out of the realm of possibility. Plus, I think that the sci-fi depictions of it are rather corny and have unrealistic, cheap-shot solutions to it too.


Personally, I know for certain that we will probably get stomped on by their vastly superior technology in the event of an alien invasion.

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Biggest question would be why?


Well if your a super advanced species why would you want to come here.


1) natural resources


2) make way for a hyperspace way


3) humans make great snacks


if it happen could be they'd destroy mankind, could be their so advanced they couldn't comprehend our primative weapons. Hence no defence and we win 'yeah' and


4) aliens make great snacks.


or as to viral plague, recall H. G. Wells war of the worlds were in the end Earth virus' destroy the Martians. If you go to another world you'd need to have immunity to it's naturally occuring bacteria.


I still believe space aliens took one look at us though our TV broadcasts, and decided to stay as far the hell away from us as they could.


Except for those running Earth World Safari's, 'Yes come see the primative animals in their natural surroundings'.


Mr D


Sorta cynical, and going down from there

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If they were advanced enough to have space travel theyd destroy us, however, like you said, they would probably intercept a tv broadcast and get the hell out of dodge for fear of being infected with stupidity.

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First, I must point out that this is an impossible question to answer. No one here will be able to prepare any insite on the out come of an "alien invasion". It is ludicrous, to even speculate what we would do.


Now let me explain why I said the above. In order to "predict" how we would handle an alien invasion, we would need to have information concerning the "aliens". At this point in time, we do not even know that aliens exist. Not one shread of evidence, can be brought in here and state "hey aliens really do exist.", and I say that with a very open view, as I'm not against the notion of aliens existing, but rather the fact that some say based on the data, they most likely do. Anyways to make a long explanation short, it is simply impossible to say how we would do for we know nothing about aliens, or even whether they exist, so how can we predict what we don't know. This is why we must steer clear of predictions, as they just invite entertainment rather then science backed data and knowledge.

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In order to "predict" how we would handle an alien invasion, we would need to have information concerning the "aliens".

This is a good point. The Aliens might be invading to stop an even worse threat from invading, so if this was the case we should welcome our new overlords. But it could also be the opposite, they invaded because they are really nasty.


So as the reason for the invasion is completely unknown, we can not really predict how we should respond.

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My theory is, thanks to SETI, the aliens are already en route. You know why we don't hear anything back from other planets? Because they're all smart and stay quiet. They don't want the bullies of the universe to come destroy them :D

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