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Continue the Sci-Fi story, using 15-25 words at a time.


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I thought I would put this up so that all members could craft their own story on this thread.


Here are the rules:


-This is a Sci-Fi story.

-Use only 15-25 words to continue it.

-No consecutive posts. If you make one, you have to wait until someone else

puts up a post before you can do it again.

-This story is not really intended to have an end, so don't expect one.

-You are free to drastically change the plot if you wish.



This is intended to be a fun thread and use of imagination is encouraged.

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With that out of the way, I will now begin it, and let you guys continue it....



August 4, 2065. We are in the midst of the technological singularity. I got up from bed and....


decided that I wanted to have an electronic breakfast. I plugged myself into my computer terminal and...

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car with biomass based fuel. I then unplugged, and jumped into my flying car and...


...flew to the nearest WPU terminal (world processing unit) the central self aware hub, where information was exchanged, filtered and refined.


Sector 8C was particularly busy today, and as I was hastily ushered to the nearest cue, I felt a tap on my shoulder. Two burly, smartly dressed men grabbed me by the arms...then everything went black.

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i headed for a tele-station and bought a ticket to albequerque, home of the only known functional time-machine...


(so close to spelling alburquerque right :confused: )

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...it was one of the eloi, who had remembered when I...


had gotten that speeding ticket while driving my hovercar over a field of abondonned land mines, left over the Great War. The eloi...

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clearly Vim's sense of humour had yet to be brought up to speed with the 27th century, I scrolled down and when I got the part where I suspected he might have something worthwhile to say...


OOC: you guys suck at fiction, you really do.

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... a sincere outlook on our situation. I was at a loss, something I had in common with the rest of humanity apparently, but for some reason I was aware of it. I began pondering what to do next, my options were limited but one option is always available and always appealing; it was time for some intoxication.

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