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Why do we alway say that there has to be water for there to be life?


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I was just wondering why we always keep looking for water as a sign of life. Couldnt there be any chance that there could be life without water or oxygen or anything else we labled as necassary for life? I just find it that it kinda limits our view of the universe. I just keep wondering if somewhere out there, there is an intelegint life form that relies on lets say iron for survival. Just a thought.



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Cap'n Refsmmat said in post # :

What happens if something lives on sulfuric acid and breathes methane? Isn't that possible?


there are indeed such creatures like that here on Earth too, the sulphiric acid pools in Yellowstone national park have such life thriving in it, there are some Geisers with super heated water with bacteria living quite happily in it. and some creatures that live kilometers under the oceans, that get all their energy from volcanic vents because there`s no light down there from sun due to it`s depths, many of those are methane breathers too.

but they all have one thing in common, Water and Carbon :)

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Water is a polar solvent. That is why it can dissolve many compounds.

If we are looking for carbon-based life, then water is the best place for life molecules to form. Also, the first life organisms didn't use oxygen, but hydrogen from the water, liberating oxygen. Thats why our atmosphere changed to 20% oxygen. Thats why the ozone layer formed.

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