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my friend and I think of a way of teleporting objects in space. This is only possible if strings exist. our idea takes us to build a machine that could determine specific string/blue print of a specific object. then breakdown matter into elementary particles. load them to a laser project them into space with the information of the string. then rebuilds the matter in the place desired.

the string answers the problem of putting back matter to its original form.

but how much energy is needed?

is it even possible?

:):D:embarass: :P;)

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Sounds like Willy Whanker teleporting a chocolate into a TV.

That technology you will need to leave for “god”, only he will know that, he’s the creator of all

The only thing you can teleport is radio waves, probably electrons or something,

“I’ve just found out that the ground is not negative but it’s positive charged if I’m correct?”

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