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Transmitted Disesases Throught Blood


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Hi, I was just wondering...


There were a these people playing a game where you use a quarter and flick it across a table and it hits the other person's knuckle and start to bleed. These people were playing this game and the quarter hit someone and then flew off the table and hit me (my arm)....can I get anything from this (if there was blood on the coin and I...touch a cut I have or my mouth... or something like that ) or am i just paranoid?



this is really bothering me



thanks, Pseudonym

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wash your arm, but generally the skin seems to do a good job at keeping germs out. I'd say it's a low likelihood of contracting anything serious.



*disclaimer* I'm not a doctor and don't take any responsibility for information dispensed.

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Well if the coin hit someone else's blood and the blood was contaminated with impurities, and then said coin causes a split in your skin and the blood on the coin makes contact with yours, there's a chance you might catch something. Just cleanse your cut with aclohol, Betadine, or other similar agents.

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