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hmm... Something very logical but i can't explain it.


See, you know when you brush ur teeth with a mint toothpaste, then drink water? Why does the water appear colder than its actual temp.?


And the same to hot (spicy) stuff. Why is it when you have something spicy, it burns ur mouth? It's a chemical inside the food, i forgot what it was. What is the name of that substance. And then, why is it that you can't have something warm after something spicy? IT appears that the something warm is about 500 degrees! And why is it that you can't have a soft drink like coke?






Thanx guys

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it has something to do with Calcium ions used in the receptor sites in the tongue, Capsciacin (the hot part in Chilis) effects these, and will over time reduce sensitivity (like an overload) of the taste sensors. as for the Mint part, I can`t comment, Glider will be your best bet :)

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