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If the following could be show how to be balanced and answered with the shown dimensional analysis that would be great. Thanks!



1. In the decomposition of 242 L of carbon monoxide, at STP, what is the volume of oxygen gas produced?


2.If 27.36 g of silver metal were placed into a solutin containing 273.600 of magnesium nitrade, what would be the mass (if any) of magnesium metal formed?


3. A solution containing 666.0 g barium nitrate is added to a solution containing 666.0 g ammonium phosphate. What would be the mass of the precipitate formed (if any)?


4. If 4.04 g of hydrogen gas were to combine with an excess amount of oxygen gas, how many grams of water would the reaction produce?

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First show your own efforts. I am willing to help you solve these questions, but I'm not willing to spoonfeed you.


Think of what reaction products there will be. Apply rules about common molecules and reactions (e.g. oxygen, what is the common molecule for this element, metal displacement reactions, common precipitates, etc.). These four questions require knowledge of different parts of the subject of chemistry.

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