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Silent mutations...

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In a recent research they found that although silent mutations dont change the amino acids in the polypeptide chain they can harm its function... so then there is something more between the protein and the DNA....:confused: somethin that we definitely dont know...

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Hmmm I kinda doubt this. And I'm an RNA/DNA guy...


I can see how there might be some promoter elements present within the coding region, that maybe disrupted and result lower protein expression. But that's not really harming function.

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I think he is referring to effects of the sequence on, say splicing, mRNA transport or translation.

One example that I know of and which is quite intuitively understandable is for instance a silent mutation changes to a rarely used codon (but leading to the same AA). So if the given tRNA is less abundant in the cell, the translation is slowed down apparently leading to a different, less efficient conformation. This has been demonstrated for the MDR1 gene, for instance.

(Kimchi-Safarty, Science 2006).

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