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Enzymes on a substrate


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I know the enzyme maltase woks on the substrate maltose and cellulose synthase on cellulose etc., but the question also asked me to give the name(s) the enzymes that work on a general protein and a general lipid. Is there an enzyme that works on all proteins or lipids or something? I thought they were very specific...

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The enzymes that generally calalyse the hydrolysis of proteins and lipids are both hydrolases.

Protease is the general enzyme that breaks the peptide bonds between amino acids in proteins, in hydrolysis.

Lipase is the general enzyme that breaks the ester bonds between fatty acids and gylcerol in a trigylceride, during hydrolysis.

But like you have stated, they do get more specific than thier generalised catagories.

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Well in all fairness there are some very general proteases. Protease K for example will digest just about any protein, and can hydrolyze after a few different residues. And not to mention proteosomes which will destroy pretty much any protein targeted to it.

Most proteases are more specific though often only cleaving a specific peptide in a specific protein.


However lipases tend to be far more specific hydrolyzing only specific residues from from fatty acid esters. there are likely some general ones too though.

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