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If anyone has time today, scan this info on alternative AIDS cures.


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I have several problems with that page.


In just a few lines,

When putting a treatment together for AIDS, it is important to note the similarities between cancer and AIDS. Both diseases are caused by a microbe. In the case of cancer, it can be a virus, a yeast, a fungus, a mould, a bacteria or an amoeba. Once one of these microbes gets inside a normal cell, the cell becomes anaerobic (i.e. it ferments glucose rather than burns glucose) and may multiply. A Nobel Prize was given for discovering that cancer cells are anaerobic.


AIDS is caused by a microbe, generally thought to be the HIV virus.


* A microbe is not a virus. By definition, "A microorganism or microbe is an organism that is microscopic (too small to be visible to the human eye). Microorganisms can be bacteria, fungi, archaea or protists, but not viruses and prions because they are generally classified as non-living."


* I thought (and several sources agree) that "cancer" is a condition in which mutation occurs within healthy cells and they multiply uncontrollably. Because they are the body's cells, they are immune to the human's immune system. There are cancers that are caused by virus infections, but "viruses are responsible for 15% of human cancers worldwide [wiki]". Antibiotics a cure for cancer makes not.


I'll leave it to people into biology to pick on the page's contents, but the panicking manner of listing and the worldwide conspiracy to kill people with loads of money to spring on cures is odd to say the least. What do you think is more money, the donations or asking tens of thousands on cures/prolongers? Also, if you make millions on a stall technique and I have the cure, I move your money into my pocket. Why compete when you can take it all?


The page also leaves out explanations. There are "types of silver" that poof in and out of the cells, killing everything. Heck, it might be true, but until someone who looks like they have a clue explains, no dice.


Oh and, if you want a reply, don't use the reply button. Just go to <link>this site<link> and leave your phone number. [/sarcasm]


As for diabetes being a profitable disease, check news on CBS:

One year ago, Kleiman received a transfusion of donated islet cells. The procedure is relatively simple. Doctors infuse cells through a catheter into the liver, where they settle and start producing insulin.


"I would consider this one of the most promising advances in diabetes research," says Dr. Richard Insel from the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. "In the last four years, we're seeing an 80 percent success rate of islet cell transplantation."


A successful transplant means no more insulin shots for most patients.


I guess nobody let him in to the conspiracy. 80%? He should be dead by now.


Worryingly, surveys show that many people think that there's a 'cure' for AIDS - which makes them feel safer, and perhaps take risks that they otherwise shouldn't. These people are wrong, though - there is still no cure for AIDS.


There is antiretroviral medication which slows the progression from HIV to AIDS, and which can keep some people healthy for many years. In some cases, the antiretroviral medication seems to stop working after a number of years, but in other cases people can recover from AIDS and live with HIV for a very long time. But they have to take powerful medication every day of their lives, sometimes with very unpleasant side effects.


There is still no way to cure HIV, and at the moment the only way to remain safe is not to become infected.


What this page does is misinform with dire consequences. I sincerely hope nobody takes this seriously, but if they do and a single person dies I'd hold this person responsible.


As for non-binding HIV, "They're called fusion inhibitors. Unlike existing drugs which stop the virus reproducing, fusion inhibitors stop it getting into human cells in the first place."[bBC News]. It's here already.


Also here are several other experimentals.

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