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redox reaction


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so i have this lab question to tackle and i am not too sure about the answer. I was wondering what the products are of the reaction: add water to a stest tube then add KMnO4 then add sulfuric acid MIX ALL TOGETHER and then add KI. how do i know what the products are and if there is a precipitate.

my observations of this reaction were that the solutions are all clear and colourless then once mixed without the KI they r yellow. once the KI is added the solution turns and orangey brown colour.



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You will end up with a precipitate, or with a brown clear solution, depending on how much KI is used (assuming that there is more than sufficient acid added).


Andie, please think about this yourself and show that you have put some effort in the problem. This is not http://www.spoonfeeding.net :mad: . There are many knowledgeable people over here, and they are willing to help you, but we may also expect some input from you.

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