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Fun and Interesting Science Experiments for Middle/High School

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Hi, I'm doing some scientists-in-school program and I need some ideas for a short-term (~1day) intermediate experiments that are fun for the kids and can excite them to science.


I've thought of some ideas but I can't seem to find simple protocols for them. I don't have a lot of time on my hands to design a new protocol, so I'm seeking some help for those who may have experiences in these.


1. Simple fragrance extraction from flowers

2. Ag photo development

3. Creating some polymer/biomaterials for artificial limbs

4. Oohbleck (I got this from some website) - which can exhibit different surface properties depending on impact


Hope someone can help. Any other ideas would be good too!

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A very rewarding and easy to perform experiment is the making of a simple cyanotype, using daylight for exposure of the ferricyanide/ferric citrate mix.


This is non-toxic and can be done by the pupils/kids.

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