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Potassium Chloride/Nitrate


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Can anyone help me with the following:


What chemical will burn a purple flame? I know potassium chloride and potassium nitrate do, however their burning point is (nitrate 631 F and chloride 1400 F). Nitrate is a hazard 1 and chloride is a hazard 2.


Can someone help me find a potassium product or any other chemical that burns purple at a lower heat index and is a hazard 1??


Thank you so much for your time.


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None of these chemicals burns. They cannot burn. They can give color to a flame, but only in the presence of other combustible material.


Please tell a little more about the construction and composition of the burning mix, which should give you the purple color. With the information you supply no useful answer can be given.

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ok kind of strange situation but I'm using them with wax in a fire to get them to burn a color. basically, I want to make colored pine cone fire starters. I did see a purple flame but no for long and like I said it took a long time and heat to activate it. can you think of another chemical that would burn a purple flame / low temp/ low hazard/ with a wax coat to accelerate when in fire?


Obviously I"m not a chemist or anything close. So I REALLY appreciate your patience and knowledge.




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you`de need to use a Pyro color wheel, but keep ALL salts Potassium based with the exception of Copper and a TINY!!!! amount of Strontium Both of them as Chlorides.

with experimentation you`ll be able to do this, if these are REAL pine cones then up against a wall totaly, as they will contain sodium salts too, and they will wash out most other colors :(

Sodium is the Enemy, make no mistake.

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