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Low graphics resolution while playing a video game.


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I have a Dell Dimension 4600 with around 30 Gb free on the internal drive and another 200 on an external drive, and an Intel Penitum 4 processor. I have 1 Gb of RAM and an NVIDIA Geforce FX 5200 video card.


Recently, I bought Oblivion, a game by Bethesda Works. I started it up, and it has very low graphics, and at times the game would crash. It would crash less if I lower the graphics settings. I have all the recommended specs for my computer except the graphics card; the makers recommend NVIDIA Geforce 6800, but my graphics card is on the minimum system requirements.


So it seems to me the problem is with the graphics card. Would you all agree?


I was wondering if I should upgrade my graphics card, what kind to buy, where to buy it, and how much to expect to spend. The reason why I'm asking is because I looked at a couple of websites that sell them, and the numbers and make confused me. I'm not particularly savvy about computer hardware, and I was just asking for your all advice.

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I have almost the same problem with my DELL XPS M1710 laptop. I tried to play a game called "Titan Quest", but it failed on my laptop. I did abit of exploring and found that the laptop don't have Direct 8.0 or Direct 9.0. I installed them, but the game still doesn't work?

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My question is do you want to spend that much money on a new graphics card for that computer. If you do, find out if your motherboard supports any of the newer graphics cards, if not I'd look into a new computer. Oblivion is a hell of a game, it really takes its toll on a computer. It's pretty much only the brand spankin new ones that can handle it on full detail and resolution.


EvoN1020v, Titan Quest was not coded very well imo. My friend has a Gen 2 XPS lappie, and I have an i9300. And at random moments the game will just crash on us. I'd look around for all the patches you can find for that game. It's buggy:-(

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Well, the graphics card would seem the obvious answer. But there are some other possible causes.


1. An outdated driver for your current video card. Are all your operating system updates installed? The latest version of Direct X?


2. If the system is having any other issues such as: running slower and slower during normal day to day tasks, or new software has been installed, your problem could be due to software incapability or spyware/viruses.


3. A RAM problem. Again, your computer would most likely have other symptoms.


With that said, it is highly probable that your problem is due to your video card. For advice, I can only point you towards this website, and this report in particular:




At this site, Tom reviews and bench tests all kinds of computer hardware. The last update for AGP cards is somewhat old, but it should still be of use. With a little research, it should be a lot easier to pick out a card.

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