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Why does or would a highjumper bicycle his/her legs in the air during a jump?


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I'm just wondering about this...in gym we had to do some highjumping. I saw a couple of people who bicycle their legs when jumping. I'm wondering if this actually makes any diffrence and how/why it does.


Any info will be greatly appreciated.

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no, not for high jump

bycicling the legs would only make you more likely to hit the bar


<edit> i suppose one bycicle kick would get you a little bit higher, although i have no idea why. maybe it just alighns you more correctly.

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doing it for High-Jump while bicycling legs, sounds like it training for doing Hurdles perhaps? where it becomes necesary to hit the ground running. typical High-Jump is best to keep as streamlined as possible. as for Long jumpers doing it, I think I`de agree with Iglak, it could be a way of maintaining an upright position whilst in the air and at the same time performing a sort of Sync/Count so that both feet land almost together, I think the distance is taken from the closest point in the sand to the start line (not to sure about that though). It`s certainly one of the most different questions I`ve seen on here for a good while :)

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