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Is there any software available that can keep record of all the utilities that are run on my computer system with their respective timings and also keep record of the time at which system was shut down or booted?

If yes,then please suggest some.

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Shutdowns and powerups as well as power failures/stops are already tracked by the OS.


There are tools that track executables, some are part of various anti-viruses. The Audit feature of the OS can also track quite some info, document on it.


Unfortunately I can't recommend software, never needed it. If you are trying to track maintenance, you could do it yourself, provided you have the skill, by launching them from a centralized, logging position, such as a batch file. E.g., Echo %time% Defag ran >> c:\log.txt & start "" defag.exe


If this looks gibberish to you, try an antivirus or some other tracking tool. Google is your friend.

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