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Absolutely Everything Explained !!!!!!


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Well the title of the thread is rather misleading, but I feel like churning out some pseudotwoddle just because A. I hanv't churned out any pseudotwoddle for a while and B. I feel like it.


I'm going to use an example from a book by David Bohm (Wholeness and the Implicate Order), where he uses Aristolean logic and then extends on the idea by combining two attributes i.e thought [math]T[/math] and no thought [math]NT[/math]. I will then erroneously tie it with the consistent histories theory, which to be perfectly honest I don't really understand, but I've got a hunch of what it entails.


So thought, doesn't require any explanation, No thought would be anything outside of thought, so the physical system in which we reside. So with Aristolean logic we have...


Everything is either [math]T[/math] or [math]NT[/math]


So everything is just a figment of our imagination, or everything is just a physical system.


Everything is neither [math]T[/math] or [math]NT[/math]


So there is some hidden system which cannot be explained by either thought or by observing or measuring our environment.


Everything is both [math]T[/math] and [math]NT[/math]


This is what I want to discuss, now if everything is thought 'and' no thought, then the two are interdependant (mutually dependent.) So if you think about the implications, then as an ongoing process our environment shapes thought and vice versa.


So this would mean that as we progress our universe progresses i.e quantum systems never existed until we started formulating quantum systems. The universe was purely classical before relativity et.c Of course what was there before thought, wouldn't make any sense, so unless we ask the right question it could be any infinitely possible histories.


Another way to look at it is, thought is an emergent process as well as no-thought. So the universe actually becomes more complex, the more thought develops. So thought was very basic in the early universe and gradually become more complex until it became self aware et.c


I can only think everything is just no-thought, and the environment just shapes our thoughts, and thought is dependant on the physical system in which it observes, this is all fine, but how can you have purely no-thought ?


So if anyone wants to add, or pick holes, whatever you wish, feel free. Please don't go off on a tangent with your own theory, like some other threads have, stick to the content and premises of this thread.

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Thought and Not thought.

Thought = not thought


I would like to express this deeper.


thought and no thought are Equal and opposite counterparts.



In respect to the theory of relativity I am developing, all events are products of two sides of an equation.


Instead of writing equations to measure events in ONE frame, you need to write an equation that displays events in both frames. A product is formed from the combination of those two frames. frame = opposite frame (forms event)

Like a force:


All forces are a product that exists between a minimum of two frames.


Forces can appear as much as movement as they can as forces.


The universe is movement.


Thus the universe (movement-force) or the -"So there is some hidden system"- is the product of a minimum of two frames.


Thought is observer, Non thought is observed perception.


The thing in the middle is oneness - UNI-Verse

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well.... no, because respect to no thought, thought is 0

in respect to thought, no thought is 0


the point is to show they are both valid, but equal and opposite to eachother.


+1 = 1-


0 or zero would be the product of those two. Like force. Force isnt real. Its just what happens when two frames see space contracting between eachother.

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Err, meh, forget about it...I realise this thread was a bit tongue in cheek, but I 'did' want to discuss the ideas around everything being thought 'and' no thought, as an undivided process. Nevermind.


Please delete this thread, thanks.

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