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i bought a new laptop and need to setup a home network. the main reasons why i want to do so is because, i want to print from the local printer from my notebook, i want to be able to share files from my desktop to my notebook, i want to be able to play lan games.


what i have

-an hp desktop

-gateway notebook

-linksys wireless router

-hp printer

-xp on both desktop and notebok


currently the printer is installed locally with the desktop. The desktop is connected to a port on the back of the router. the notebook is using the wifi from my router.


what's the easiest way to set this up?



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Thanks for the diagram.


Best way to do this is to use Windows XP. Go to Control Panel > Network Connections and on the left under Network Tasks and select Set up a home or small office network.


Once the network wizard has been run on both computers they should be able to see each other's Shared Documents.


Complications: firewalls will need to be correctly configured. You will also need the correct protocols installed. Go to Network Connections and right click on Local Area Connection and select Properties. If, under the General tab, something called File and Printer Sharing (or a similar name) is not there then you will need to instal, select Instal, it is a Service and then just follow the wizard.


To share the printer go to the Control Panel and select Printers and Faxes. Click on your printer and on the left under Printer Tasks select Share this Printer.


Try that lot and see how it goes.

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