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Groups of squarefree order

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Are there any nonabelian groups of squarefree order where none of the primes divides any of the others minus 1? If not, is there a proof of this? I've been trying to do this, but the proof for 2 primes doesn't extend, as I can't find how to prove the group with order of the largest prime is normal.


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I don't know if noone answered this because they thought it was too easy, or they didn't know the answer. I didn't immediately know the answer, but I gave it a go. Here is a proof I knocked up on LaTeX, because I've only just started to learn it and I'm still feeling quite geeky about it.


Anyway, here is a (late) answer to your question.




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I see the standard of mathematics here hasn't improved. Just look at the groups of order what ever. It is trivial to find counter examples.


I'll probably get warned for this but dude, you're an asshole. Confine your posts to physicforums where people take your crap and stay away from here :)

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