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My brain hurts, not kidding


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I'v figured about 5 of them out so far. Not enough to give me a headache, but it's a fairly interesting puzzle. And yes they're quite easy. I only had difficulty figuring out the overall layout of the puzzle at first, but after the first level the rest were fairly easy.

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Those are quite cool...


I'll see how far I am in a few days haha. I just finished 1-6 in the past 35:43. They're easy as soon as you get the hang of it. Those stupid wires hung me up (I tried to do it with the drawn lines crossed; didn't work), but I got it after a few minutes.

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Wow...just finished....it was so tedious!! Yet fun. I got stuck on 12 and 14 for a while but I worked them out after all.....seems like the author has a liking for sucking the brain juices out of people..Good luck guys.



Care to share how you solved levels 9 and 14? We don't want to ruin it for everyone else so wrapping it in spoiler tags or PMing me would probably be best.

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