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Pascals Pyramid with Excel


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For anyone who doesnt know what pascal's pyramid is:










So I wanted to make an excel sheet, where the two values diagonally above add up for the value underneath. Is there any easy way of doing this? Something like, all values selected are calculated by value 1 above and to the left plus value 1 above and to the right... or something along those lines.


This would be so much easier then doing it for each box seperately.

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it's not too hard to do, best way might be to leave a gap between each cell with a number in. You can also use an IF statement so the empty boxes are blank.


Although there are better ways of calculating the powers.

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Well this is an incredibly old thread of mine, but I'll bump it anyway.


What I meant is, do I actually have to code each box as, (for ex)






And so on... I mean, it'd be nice if I could just format all the cells to follow a pattern... or at least make something that's copy-pasteable lol.

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