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Transparent aluminum


Is transparent aluminum possible?  

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  1. 1. Is transparent aluminum possible?

    • Someone, somewhere is working on it
    • Perhaps if there was a need
    • Maybe in the near future
    • Not possible

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This poll is somewhat flawed. It is not defined precisely enough, what is meant with "transparent aluminum". There are numerous compounds of aluminium, which are transparent (e.g. some forms of Al2O3, IIRC called carborundum). Also, VERY thin layers of aluminium could be transparent, but the bulk state pure metal (free element) simply is not transparent and it will never be.

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Al is relatively transparent to X rays.

Thin layers of Al are transparent to ordinary light (and are used as beamsplitting mirrors).

Al2O3 (corundum, btw; carborundum is SiC) is transparent to, not just visible light, but quite a long way into the UV and IR as well.

I will be impressed by the plasic with a better strength to weight ratio at say, 400C.

What was the original question meant to mean?

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