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Please note that this thread is for educational purposes only.




Okay so I'm a crazy scientist with crazy ideas. And I have an idea about how to create a perfect sphere using magnets, 300v of electricity through a transformer, a rotating servo at 30RPS or more with a remote control, and the following compounds;


Magnesium Sulfate




My question is, would any of these chemicals be able to become flammable, and would it be able to cause harm to anything such as humans, animals, computers or whatever it may be.


My second question is, what is the outcome of




Thanks! If anyone would like to see the schematics of my crazy idea, please let me know and I'll post the picture.

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electricity and water and metal lol, sounds fun. but how exactly are you going to make a perfect sphere anyway? from what it sounds like ur doing to me, your going to need ur magnets perfectly distributed, which is possible to calculate with calculus..but to get the magnets to stand in those places youll need things to hold them up and those will disturb the magnet, even a tiny bit, no perfect sphere...not to mention theres the limit of paulys exclusion principle. but overall, sounds like ur a young budding experimentalist, or some kid who found that project on da internet and posted it here to sound smart

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I think its a very good idea..but right now i dont have the time to really take it all in and think it through, but as I said, if your sole purpose is to make a perfect sphere, its impossible. Irregualr structure of atoms, Pauli's Exclusion Principle.. I mean maybe someone could somehow aviod using atoms, but Pauli's Principle is a Law Of Physics, your not about to break it anytime soon or the Physics Police will hunt you down.

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Finally someone actually understands the concept of "perfectionism."


"It's not perfect to all of us, but just to whom it may seem perfect." - Me :D



Would you guys believe me if I told you I hardly knew any kind of physics, chemistry, or any kind of laws that pertain to science? This merely came into my head, thought I'd share it =] If anyone would like to retain the copyright and build this, please contact me. Like that'll ever happen lol

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The spinning cylinder inside creates a gravitational pull towards the outside rim, the two magnets positive and negative are given 300v or more to conduct and electrical field. When the liquid containing magnesium sulphate and iron is dropped into the dead center, it should create a sphere the size of a bb, in metal form, electrified and would be able to charge a dead battery.



Catastrophe a: Generates a portal to somewhere.

Catastrophe b: A black hole that lasts 10 millionths of a second.

Catastrophe c: An EMP that kills all electrical oultets and generators in a 100 ft radius.


Classified: Deadly until I know how this thing really works hehe.

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Im hoping for catastrophe A. We really do need a portal to an alien world. Maybe they have some good movie ideas or something, rather than Rob Shneider always turning into something.


Idk how you just came up with this idea but it's pretty cool. Kinda seems like one of those things you think of right before you fall asleep, so you never bother to write it down lol.

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umm i dont understand you, the gravitational pull from the cylinder along the x and z axis, the gravitiy from earth along y, and hoping to balance it with 300v of electricity? i think it wont balance, youll get some blob..

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