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Duplicating permanent marker ink!! HELP!!

Mason R

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Hey guys,


I am new to this forum and this question has been plaguing me for YEARS! Literally! I want a person to be able to draw on a playing card (Bicycle stock) and then I want to be able to duplicate that drawing onto another card either simultaneously or after they have signed it it can be transferred. Is thegre any way to do this, I have tried double stick tape and glue on the card, but when I press them onto another card the image is not dark enough and the lines are not clean?



Mason Roberts :)

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I believe that trick is done by not tearing up the signed card.


You could get a little device which is like two pencils attached via a rod. You trace over the signature with one pen and the other pen (which is attached via a rod) will also move in exactly the same way.


Alternatively you could get some slow-drying ink. Meaning that when the signed card and a second card are pressed together some of the ink will transfer.

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not the easyest thing to google if you can't remember the name (mecanical pen copying thingy, anyone :D ), but pantographs can copy hand-written doohickies, and are simple enough that you can make one yourself out of mechano.


simply trace over the drawing with an inkless-pen (read: small stick), and the pen copies the image.


as a bonus, it can enlarge too, but you can design it to copy the same size (btw, if doing that, you'd get a better image if the inkless-pen is the one furthest from the pivot, and the pen is the one in the middle)


note that this wont work for forging signatures for a variety of reasons, mainly to do with pen pressure (i believe it's called the cadence of the signature); even pro forgers have difficulty with this, applying incorret pressure in parts of the signature, and stensiling a signature will have an obviouse even and slow cadence that makes it clear it was traced.


or try googling for offset, it's what was used before photocopyers, tho the same problem of cadence exist

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