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interesting virus


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my friend was telling me that his computer was infected with a virus that infected all the usb devices he plugged in. He plugged in his ipod and the ipod contained the virus. This didn't do any damage to his ipod but when he connected the ipod to his frieds pc, his friends pc caught the virus. He sent a couple data entries to his samsung cell phone and the phone was also infected.


the virus only does damage to the pc's and no devices such as ipod or cellphone but the cellphone and ipod still carry them and transfer the virus to other pc's


is there such a virus? how do you remove it?

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i've heard of a trojan that spreads via iPod, but not one exactly as your describing.


it sounds like your describing a lab virus -- a proof of consept virus made by researchers -- but, tbh, i woulnd't be surprised if it existed in the wild. i assume it could easily be done by infecting the usb device's boot sector (but i dont know enough about how they work, tbh).

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