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Sweet puzzle games


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Yesterday during my 3ds Max class, someone next to me was[i don't think they were in the class; it's a VERY relaxed environment :D] was doing this Rubik's Cube like flash game.


It's pretty sweet.


Check it out, it's called 3DLogic


And speaking of Rubik's Cube, that really got me into puzzle games[i'm trying to expand my mind so I can be a better programmer:D], so I think I'm giong to get a Rubik's Cube soon.


I guess it was a fad a few years back, still looks fun.


Any of you play with Rubik's Cubes? :D

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Ah, Rubik! One of those "if only" stories for me. If only I would have invested in Ideal Toy Company in the 80's. Erno Rubik's cube saved them from bankruptcy and vaulted them back into prominence. You could have bought their stock for a song. Ideal literally had to borrow against their accounts receivable in order to market the cube.

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