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change in entropy (ΔS) a state function?


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Hi guys...


I was wondering if the change in entropy (ΔS) is a state function? I know that S is a state function because its dependent only on S=k * ln W


but in class we learned that


ΔS_total_irreversible_process > 0


ΔS_total_reversible_process = 0


wouldn't this mean that delta S is a process dependent non-state function?

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;306042']For the record' date=' this is usually more of a chemistry topic, and so future threads on the subject may be more appropriate in the chem forums.


I dont remember the answer to your question though.[/quote']


I think you'll find it's physics. Entropy being a physical quantity and all.



I belive that change in entropy is not a function of state. Whereas entropy is.


As the change in entropy is depending on the change in heat by temperature. Which is path dependent...

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