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us satellites outnumber the rest!

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Do u know that U.S.A has 413 satellites in the space while the rest of the world has only 382 all put together. The figures released by the union of concerned scientist provides datails on some of the Pentagon's most secret satellites. The Russians, who follow U.S in otal number,have 87.The Chinese have 34.:)


can any one tell that rest of the satellites belong to which countries???????? plz try finding i couldn't find!:confused:

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as for the spy sattleite bit it might be worth mentioning that the main mirror for the hubble was built in a plant that normally manufactures the optics for spy sattelites, apparently they build things of similar siz and accuracy quite often.

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Do we have any reason to think those numbers are accurate? If we don't know how many other countries have, then we obviously can't detect every single sattellite as it's launched, and the list could more accurately be described as "satellites nations openly admit to having."

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It's not that surprising that the US has more sattellites than anyone else. After all most of the teleommunications companies in the world are american, and even the ones that aren't use NASA to launch their sattelites.

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i got the data:


Soviet Union 87 :)

United States 413 :cool:

China 34 :)

India 33 :rolleyes:

and there r 2 more countries i dont know which!


This information is in the wikipedia article I posed a couple of posts up.



Soviet Union 87

United States 413

Australia ?

France ?

Japan ?

China 34

United Kingdom ?

India 33

Israel ?



The question marks mean we don't know how many satilites these countries have in orbit, though it's certainly at least 1. Also, there are countries that claim to have satellites, but we don't have any proof of that. It's all in the wikipedia article I posted.

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Urm soviet union? Not a country.


Also bear in mind that these days most satalittes are caloberations of countries, for example the ESA recently (or are about to) sent up equitment on an indian satellite.


The largest satellite earth stations in in Cornwall, UK, at a place called GoonHilly.


A better link, taken from the wikipedia references...



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