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What is the Difference between a Frog and a Toad?

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Guys the difference b/n frogs and toads is in the skin texture.

frogs have smooth skin while toads have ruf surface.the toads secrete poison thru skin pores which discourages thier enemy.

and still there are more differences. I'll cum up with those w.i a day or two.

bye for now!

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Frogs must keep their skin moist all the time. Whilst they do breathe using lungs, their skin takes up oxygen also (which is why it must stay moist). Toads have dry skin which, in many cases contains glands which excrete noxious chemicals to deter predators. Toads only need to return to water to breed and spawn. Frogs must stay close to water and spend more time in it than toads, which only return to water to breed.


The back legs of the common frog are more developed that those of the common toad. Thus, on land, frogs leap to get around, whereas toads tend to walk (crawl), although they can jump to escape predators (not as well as frogs though).


Frogs lay their spawn in large clumps, toads lay their spawn in long strands.


I can't think of any more differences of the top of my head, but I'm sure there are more.

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ya know what is kinda freaky even though the science behind it is nearly understood, those Canadian Frogs, you can freeze them rock solid and bang them on a desk.

give them an hour or so at room temp, they come back to life!


it`s some kind of wood frog found in Canada, research was done to find the mechanism behind this remarkable ability, IF I remmember correctly, it`s something to do with Glucose compounds released into the blood when the temp lowers, and so stops the cells from being split/punctured by growing ice crystals.

non the less, to see ANY creature in that froxen state that it would easily shatter or snap appart, and then watch it re-animate is nothing short of Amazing and borderline freaky! :)

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All can be counted. there's one more difference b/n frogs and toads.

toads have parotoid glands protruding from behind the eyes,secretes thick milky fluid to deter predators.

u can never find this in frogs

Instead frogs too secrete toxin thru skin pores

particularly important species isPOISON DART FROG,of columbia

which can able to kill 1000 people at a time

and that's one way of adaptation.

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the poison from poison dart frogs comes from their food though, they don't make it themselves. they condense the poison from the ants they eat, and secrete it through their pores. although, i have no idea if toads make their own toxins or not.




P.S. there are some bugs that can freeze too. there is also one microscopic creature that can live through practically anything, the water bear.

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  • 8 months later...

The water bear rules!! Most durable creature we've ever encountered, can even survive in an outer space vacuum, while dormant of course. theoretically.


Oh yeah, and early on you said somethin', and I'd like to say, most species of both frogs and toads have tadpoles, no one else fully answered that. Not all, but most.


Also, it might not be important, but toads are evolutionarily derived from frogs, showing up later on the fossil record, making them an offshoot group of terrestrially evolved frogs.

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Also, frogs have teeth while toads do not.


Frogs don't have teeth :confused:. The differences include:


- Frogs have well developed back legs for jumping, while toads just crawl (or maybe manage little hops).

- Frogs spend about half their life in water, and need to keep their skin moist at all times, toads on the other hand are poor swimmers, and only go in water to breed. They have dry pebbly skin.

- Most toads excrete an irritant or smelly substance from poors in their skin when attacked by predators. Very few frogs do this (an exception is poison dart frog which excretes poison which can kill in minutes).


Hope this helps :D.

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