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Star Wars Holographics?


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Well, Carrie's a smidge older, but a good coat of makeup should do it.


Oh, you mean the technical part...


LOL.....umm, yeah...:D


i've seen holograms that look a hell of a lot better than the starwars holograms. then again the ones i seen hadn't just been beamed across the galaxy in a few seconds.


Ah, but were they "free floating" or enclosed in a half-sphere with some rotating mirror thingy?


Would you happen to have a link? I'd still be interested...

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Holograms do exist.


This thread is about projected volumetric holograms, which are more sophisticated.


Ahh, I thought that's what they were...I searched wikipedia for holographics and such and found that term.


So the Star Wars type holograms are "projected vlumetric holograms"?


Back to the OP question:


Are projected volumetric holograms physically possible?? No one has directly answered that yet.....



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Kind of.


In Star Wars the holograms appear to be a "free standing" light projection, with only the outer surface of the object/s rendered in a semi-translucent state.


Given that the projector is usually mounted on a droid or what have you, that the light beam from the projector is visibly coming from one direction only, and that there is no apparent display medium or means of controlling where the hologram appears (even though the light beam is divergent), it is quite a fanciful setup.


We do have the capacity to make volumetric hologramatic projections, but afaik only within a specific medium and not in the air. There are also two-dimensional laser displays that allow the projection of a touch-reactive interface using nothing more sophisticated than a spray of mist as the "screen" - it won't be long before that technology is adapted for 3D displays.

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I think I've seen one of these... it was a toy at Burger King (I used to work there) It was an enclosed sphere with a hole in the top and the bottom... you put something in the bottom, and looked through the top at the right angle and it produced a hologram.

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