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Where were you, five years ago today?


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I was at home, my ex and I were placing an order with a company for our business from a distributor in New York.

They said everything was covered in dust and to place it another day, then asked her if she had been watching the news.


We turned it on just after that and found out before the second tower fell. Later that evening my dog died.

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I was in the high school library doing an assignment that required me to use news websites. CNN.com refreshed, and I saw the world exploding. It was very, very surreal. I didn't live close enough to actually see anything, but there was a smell in the air, and fighter jets screaching overhead all day. Probably the most disturbing moment of the day was the perverse glee I saw on a few guys' faces. "We're going to war!"

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I was getting ready to go to my game theory class in the morning. My TV is normally on and every station had the same special report with Rudy Giuliani giving a talk to reporters. I didn't really think much of it, 'til I got to class and my professor told us what happened.

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I was 11 and had just finished a rather cold and boring rugby training session. I was quite tired and fed up with the rugby and just wanted to get home.

As I was walking over the field to the changing room, my mum came walking over. I went to go complain about the rugby and she just had that look of; "if you think thats bad....."

Got home, saw it on the news but really didnt think too much of it because i didnt understand the significance. But to do remember sitting on my bedroom floor the next day, reading the Daily Express (when we used to get it) just taking in all that had actually happened.

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Calmer and less paranoid?:D


Right where I'm sitting.


Actually, not so calm...but nice observation :P


My mother's birthday is sept 11, and I remember it so vividly. I can still hear her sobbing on the phone that we'll have to celebrate her birthday when people weren't killing each other. She apparently knew several people that worked in the towers through email.


Funny how electronically connected we can still feel for other people, while never having even heard their voice or seen a picture of them.

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I woke up, showered, dressed, and drove to work, listening to my MP3 CD player, the entire time blissfully unaware of what was going on.


As soon as I walked into the office the secretary was all "Did you hear? A jet crashed into the Pentagon!"


I worked for an atmospheric research group out in the boonies. We had no TV at all, and the only sources of information we had were radios and the Internet.


I hopped onto IRC to try to find out what was up. It went something to the effect of:


"What happened? I heard a plane crashed into the Pentagon?"

"The World Trade Center is gone"


"Here's a video: http://long-lost.url/"


I spent about a half hour downloading it. In the meantime there was a lot of "On the Internet they're saying both of the twin towers collapsed" "What? I heard they were just on fire!" "Well I'm getting a video now. We'll be able to see it soon."


When I got it I yelled "The video's done" and everyone from my research group crowed around and watched the towers collapse for the first time. And amazement/disbelief/sadness/fear/anger ensued.

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