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actually, we think without languages a lot, just not consciously (or at least i do). when given two choices, you make an initial choice without language, then you might think about what you chose with language.


or when you can't decide you think, "oh god, which one do i want?" but that is just translating your non-lingual thoughts (emotions, specifically "ugh, wah?" :)) into words.


so, what i am trying to say is, we think in emotions and words, some think more one way than the other, and often our emotions are translated into words for us to use.

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Often, in my mind I ask myself a question, with words [language] and the answer comes by itself, I don't even analyze the question or say the answer with words. The outcome is just an act or an emotion showed into actions such as shaking my head if I suddenly disagree I think these are non-language manifestations of thinking.

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