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A New Genetically Modified Maize to Treat Newcastle Disease


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I have just been reading a blog entry in Gmo Food For Thought (http://www.gmofoodforthought.com/2006/08/genetically_modified_maize_vac.htm), and Gmo Africa Blog ( http://www.gmoafrica.org/2006/08/agricultural-biotechnology-is.html ), about a new genetically modified maize with a vaccine against the Newcastle Disease. The story first appeared in SciDev.net, two weeks ago.


This is a very significant breakthrough, especially to developing countries. Many poor-resource farmers in developing countries depend on poultry for livelihood. In a country like Nigeria, there are whole communities that eke a living out of poultry farming.


This new maize variety will save farmers a lot of inconveniences associated with current vaccines against the Newcastle Disease. First, modern vaccines aren’t available in small quantities, so they are not affordable to poor farmers. Secondly, these vaccines must be preserved under controlled temperatures. This calls for electricity availability, another headache for many poor-resource farmers.


Compared with modern vaccines, then, this new genetically modified maize offers double benefits. In addition to being used as a vaccine, its stalks can be a rich source of animal feeds.


Biotechnology seed companies should commercialize this maize variety as soon as possible.

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It's a good idea. Let us hope it is actually effective in use.


Genetically modifying foods can be done in a huge variety of ways and although the greeny-nutter tree-hugging crowd will claim we'll all have three eyes etc., no harm can come of modified foods.

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